Bombay Coast

Although numerous vegan lunching and dining options exist around major cities like San Diego, I am sure that many of you experience manic hunger episodes in the middle of the day when you do not have the option of driving to your favorite vegan spot. For such cases, it is important to find the closest and tastiest restaurant.

The options in my UC San Diego campus are limited. I often feel fed up with the monotonous dining hall food served across our Housing & Dining units, and the only other option is Price Center. Unfortunately, the food court at this locale mostly holds restaurants with few vegan options. At Subway, I can only get bread and vegetables. At Rubios, I can only get plain beans and tortilla chips. At Tapioca Express I can get an assortment of boba drinks, but only fried tofu as far as savory food goes. I refuse to even poke Burger King with a long, steel rod.

By far the best option for vegans at Price Center is Bombay Coast, a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine. I’ve heard many students claim that this place does not serve “authentic” Indian food. I have tasted supposedly “authentic” Indian food around San Diego and I must admit, Bombay Coast cannot compete with gems such as Punjabi Tandoor.

To me, however, Bombay Coast is still a worthy choice for a quick lunch. It comes in large portions for a decent price, and I always find it filling and tasty. My go-to combo is “Channa Masala” and “Dal & Spinach”. “Mushroom and Corn Curry” is another vegan option that I opt for when I crave variety. The naan bread they regularly serve is made with butter, but the staff makes naan with no butter upon request. The vegetable samosas are also vegan and satisfying.

I believe there are more authentic Indian cuisine restaurants around the San Diego area that I would recommend over Bombay Coast. Nevertheless, I recommend Bombay Coast to anyone in need of food for whom it is conveniently located.


One thought on “Bombay Coast

  1. Liz Losh says:

    You use photographs very effectively in this posting, and I think that your coverage of ethnic restaurants in the area will appeal to both your core audience looking for options and readers who may not be vegans themselves

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